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I started out 116 pounds, weighed in once at 7ish weeks at 113 pounds, and haven't weighed in since. My midwife doesn't do weigh-ins, and since I've struggled with body image issues heavily in the past, it's habi I don't want to get back into because it's a slippery slope for me.
Translation: It's my place of business, where I am a purveyor of fine wears for exotic dancers.      hahahah  
LOL. So true. S'where I make my scrilla, slingin' thigh highs to peelers   
Yes, my house is clean. it's not spotless, though.   When DD is awake, there are crumbs on the table and toys and books all over the living room. As soon as she goes down for a nap or to sleep for th night, they get picked up. DH and I try to clean up as we go, so there isn't a huge mess to clean up every week.    I have to vacuum every day or else the dog hair ruins my life, and I don't like to have food and spills on the counters, as we have a very old house...
16 weeks  
The afterpains I had with my first were terrible. if they get worse every time, I might ask for an epidural AFTER baby is born 
Dylan is sooo cute. Lyra was a super late walker too, she was coming up on 17 months as well.   I just noticed that Jenn is going to be a G-MA! Holy cow, congrats!!!!!
I've been saying I'm no going to find out.    But I've been having a really hard time connecting to this baby and being "into" this pregnancy. I'm super Type A, and when something unplanned happens, least of all something huge like a pregnancy at the absolute wrong time,  I tend to sulk about it. My midwife suggested we find out the sex of the baby to help us bond.   Right from the get-go, I've had very strong "girl" vibes, but lately I've second guessed it. Same...
I'm feeling a lot more this time around. My pubic bone aches, my right hip keeps popping in and out and I get brutally crampy. My midwife said its normal and told me to brace myself for second baby afterpains being nearly as bad as labour :S
I'm not advocating talking and driving either. What I was getting at is if it was so important, pull over to speak to the person. 
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