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I keep my phone in my purse in the back seat. I'm very short,s o short of unbuckling and climbing halfway out of my seat, I can't get it (My vehicle is a 5-speed so it;s a little tougher to turn attention away from the task of driving). DH puts his on silent and puts it in the centre console. If we are driving together, he'll just leave it and ask me to answer it if it rings.   I dont' get the appeal of texting and driving. What could possibly be so important? If...
Subbing, since we've got another one on the way. DD will be 25 months 
Nice to "see" you all again! :)   Lyra is 19.5 months, doesn't stop dancing EVER, and no one here taught her how to do it. She has about 25 words, if I had to guess, and has started putting together two word sentences, notably "Hi, dad" and "no way" LOL. She is 23 pounds and 34", so tall and slim like her daddy. She is working on cutting her second molars, so hopefully we'll be done teething for a while soon. Her favourite activities are reading and being naked....
I am dry now. I haven't had a letdown in months, I can only hand express half a drop of sticky, yellowish milk, so I imagine my milk is turning back into colostrum.   DD will "nurse for a minute or two, then say "no" and put my shirt back down
Nadine, do you have a support group in your area for pregnant and parenting teens? I volunteer for a local organization for teen mamas, and I have seen some of the most successful parenting come out of those girls when they have access to enough emotional and informational support :hug:   Wishing you all the luck and love in your upcoming journey into motherhood
What a tragic, unnecessary loss. I am so sorry.    And I am so grateful that they have passed distracted driving laws here, because texting and driving is just as dangerous, if not moreso, than impaired driving :(
I'd probably say something along the lines of "my son's penis is none of your concern, thanks" and change the subject. Because I'm a jerk like that ;)
15 weeks, 4 days:        
I found out with my daughter, because I desperately wanted a little girl, and had she been a boy I needed that time to adjust and warm to the idea of having a son.   This time I won't be upset over having one or the other. I'd be lying if I didn't say I'd prefer to have another girl, but I don't feel nearly as strongly about it as I did with Lyra. So I'm waiting. :)
Home birth! I was lucky enough to score a midwife this time (getting one here is like winning the lottery).   My midwife is supportive of my want for no testing at all, and no interventions. She's agreed to basically hang out in case we need her but to just let me do my thing.
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