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I felt.. nothing until today/=. I've had two ultrasounds, one for dating and one for spotting at 8 weeks, and even then I still felt so ambivalent.  Maybe it's because this is an accidental pregnancy that happened while we were actively trying to avoid pregnancy. DD was very much planned and tried for, so even the moment I had a BFP, I felt such magnetism and love for her.    I've felt movement with this baby for a couple weeks now, but I have just pushed it to the...
Dude, my uterus is measuring 23 weeks. Right alongside ya.
I am trailed trough DONA but remain uncertified by choice. I am trained in other complimentary modalities and under DONA's scope of practice, I am unable to offer them to clients while calling myself a DONA doula. 
cluster feeding doesn't mean you have low supply! super normal new baby feeding behaviour   follow baby's cues, not the clock   and don't you let ANYONE give you sh*t about nursing your baby where ever you feel comfortable. Ignorant haters are gonna hate. 
13 weeks. No idea how much I've lost or gained, since my mw doesn't do weigh ins.   
I felt my DD at 17 weeks (first baby and anterior placenta), but this baby, I am positive I felt it around 9.5 weeks. 
Night weaning saved our nursing relationship. My DD was a frequent waker. It got so bad when I went back to school in Setember and she was at daycare, so she was making up for the lack of daytime nursing with nursing all. night. long.   I am hoping to continue nursing her until she makes the decision to stop, but I can't be an all-night pacifier and it was affecting our lives- she was crabby, I was crabby, and when I'm crabby, everyone around me gets...
10 weeks (and one day. LOL)     Edit: Just so no one thinks I'm a slob, I'm at work. LOL!
No testing here this time. With DD based on her 20 week scan (they found soft markers) and my Quad screen results, my risk of down syndrome came back ridiculously high for being 25 years old. They also were worried that she had CF, so they pushed for amnio. I declined and also declined the torch test to see if I was a carrier of the CF gene. My husband isn't caucasian, so it's very unlikely that he'd be a carrier (both parents need to be a carrier of the gene for a child...
Mama, I'm sorry you're going through this. At my 20 week scan with my DD, they found several soft markers for Down Syndrome and cystic fibrosis, and used them to manipulate the results of my Quad Screen and it came back with a very high odds of my daughter having DS. I did decline invasive testing (they pushed for amnio), and she was born perfect and healthy. For that very reason, we have declined ALL screenings for this pregancy. For me, it's just not worth the...
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