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Don't get too down.. I have a partial septum in my uterus- while I did had a loss related to the condition (baby implanted in the septum and not in the uterine wall), I'm now 31 weeks. My stepmum has the same condition- but she is fully septated, to the point where she has two completely separate uterii and cervixes (but one vagina), and both sides of her reproductive tract are running on their own cycles (crazy, eh!?!) And I have a 15 year old half-brother and a 13...
I'm getting a copper IUD. I become an awful, wretched person while taking hormonal birth control, and I get migraines, so I'm not exactly a prime candidate for a Mirena. Up until we started trying to conceive, we always used condoms. We'd stick with that, but I'm severely latex allergic and polyurethane doesn't come cheap, so we're looking at other options.
up here they retest you for syphilis, your blood type and your RH again
my dogs are behaving muchly the same s usual, but my older dog (a five year old lab/collie cross) keeps coming up and sniffing my belly. I think she knows something is different. Our puppy is clueless though (As she is about most goings-on in life in general, LOL)
I'm not afraid at all. I've put myself through stuff that most people are shocked to even hear about, let alone experience for themselves. I'm TERRIFIED for that immediate post-partum period though- the first pee/bm, feeling all empty and baby-less inside, etc.
I'm Canadian too, so I'm taking the full year- I'm starting my leave on September 30 (3 weeks before I'm due). But truthfully, I don't think I'm going back at all. I'll continue to stay home without pay afterwards.
Stuck between transverse and frank breech- she goes back and forth
"Asleep at the wheel" made me fall out of my chair!!!
I work two jobs- Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday I'm at a tattoo shop cleaning up after inconsiderate tattoo artists on top of my own job (I'm a body piercer) I do have a lot of downtime, which is nice, and I can go sit on the couch and put my feet up, but it's getting hard to actually do what I'm *trained* to do. My exam table is really high off the ground and I'm quite short, and I can't lean in the way I used to since my belly gets in the way. The end of the night is...
^^^ That's a good rule of thumb! (Although I think we've committed to finding it a new home. I DON'T trust one of my dogs around it- she's a puppy and is pretty spazmodic)
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