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she's lying thru her teeth. Fear/Scare mongering at it's finest. Semi-subtle and putting the blame squarely on the parent. Disgusting. (And I hope your lil one feels better soon. My ear drum busted a couple of weeks ago and rapidly gained another infection. I know how he feels. icky)
which explains why I am so blasted sensitive to scented candles. I simply cannot stand them and if I encounter them at someone's house I make quick work of extinguishing all of them. As to the antibiotic hand wipes...the commericial claims Kills 99.9% of germs...what it fails to tell you , it kills the good germs. It has VERY LITTLE effect on the bad germs. Faced with the choice of not washing my hands or using abx gel...I'd go without and make sure my kids did as well.
I would seriously think twice about leaving your child with your dp again until you get it thru his thick head that this kind of behavior will NOT be tolerated. Pull out of the study NOW.
that sounds like um... oh the one with the girl from saved by the bell...crud...um.... Show Girls !!! maybe. how about an easy one. "inconceivable"
Heathers ? How about...um... "Cow." "another cow" "actually I think that's the same one."
re: chores...I think you are doing a fine job with that. I agree with you that children should help out around the house with age appropriate responsibilities. re: homeschooling... Maybe you could take some time off and explore getting on a schedule. Wake at a certain time , immediate into the shower , the dress , then eat...etc... have her used to a personal schedule before introducing school. Actually..that is school in a way. She's learning life skills by learning...
Heehee KIDS ROCK is the motto of our Sunday school classes.
I've got one child who will speak up. "Excuse me ? Did you hear me ? " and then I've taught her to add a caveat "It's loud in here" or "from my mouth to your ears is a long way." or something along those lines. Something humorous because she comes across as really direct and rude. The teen is bigger than I am , but because he's so obviously a teen people ignore him as well. I step in sometimes but mostly I encourage him loudly "I don't think he heard you". Dd12 is...
I have a series of books called What Your ____ Grader Should Know. (fill in the grade) It's just a basic scope and sequence. I like to have it on hand for fun as I don't really buy into the concept that EVERY child MUST know something by a certain magical age. Your dd is three. An austic three year old. I'd relax any standards I had and let her be. You sound like a very concerned parent. Let me reassure you , she won't leave your nest without knowing these things. I...
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