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Wow, I would be LIVID. My MIL feels like she's too young to be a grandma, too...um...she was like 50 when my eldest was born. Anyway, she does NOT like grandma, so she picked Mimi. I thought it was kinda a dumb reason to pick a name, but oh well...the biggest issue we have with it is that I have a good friend whose NAME is Mimi and if I talk about us going to her house to play with her kids, my kids think that means they are going to my MIL's house. So even that is very...
The single dose flu shots are mercury free, as are all of the H1N1 vax's. We're personally an anti-vax family, but if you feel like you need the flu vax, just ask your dr to give you one from a single dose needle instead of the multidose vial.
The mw's around here have the clients buy a disposable liner with their birth kit that can just be thrown away. That way, none of the mom's "fluids" actually come into contact with the tub. In your instance, I would probably rinse it out with either alcohol or better yet, 1:9 chlorox and then from here on out use a disposable liner in it.
Congrats on the impending homecoming!!! Praying that you get lots of special time with your sweet boy!
Congrats, mama! Don't focus on the end product...just one contraction at a time. All you have to get through is the NEXT one! Your body is wise...listen to it and do what it says! Be in the present, not the future. YOU CAN DO THIS!
Bump...Anyone? Any ideas on how to get comfy in the pool? Any positions or little tips that I haven't thought of? I've been having ctx every 20 min or so for about 3 days now, and right now they are every 8-10, so I might not have much time to figure this out!
Looking for some insight into the AquaDoula tub. My second son was a waterbirth in a FSBC, and they had an oversized tub, fiberglass like what you would have in your bathroom, but a little deeper/longer/wider. DH ended up sitting on the side of the tub and I kinda draped myself over his knees so he could press on my back. As a doula, I've attended 1 homebirth with an inflatable birth tub...much deeper, thick walls, and the mom was able to really lean on them, and...
The pp's list was very similar to what we asked at our interviews. You might follow up the transfer question with WHO transfers...ie, our mw said that while she transfers about X% of the time, about 90% of those are first time moms who had 24hr+ labors, were exhausted, and requested drugs. So, that made me feel even more confident because I wouldn't be a first time mom and I'd already survived a 30+ hour natural birth, so to ME, her % (as it related to my situation) was...
We *might* end up being in the same boat as you. Our son has a preliminary diagnosis of GHD: his IGF-1 was 2 SD's below normal, he's in the 1st percentile for height and weight, and has bone age about a year below his actual age. We go in Aug for his stim test to find out how much (if any) GH he's making. Right now, if we did nothing, he would *maybe* reach 4ft based on his current growth rate. I'll keep an eye on this thread, and you can PM me if you want. We are...
Can I jump in and ask what constitutes a MoM? We have #3 due any day now and, where I live, most people think we are nuts for having more than 2. We've always said we want 4 or 5 or...however many God gives us! Just wondering if, once this little bit makes her debut, this would be a good thread for me to keep up with.
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