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Goodbye DDC. This journey is so intertwined with you, I won't be able to remember this pregnancy without thinking of you.
Oh how I understand! It's no problem.
I posted info about the patchwork swap on the other board. Is everyone still interested? I know it's a little hard with the trasition, let me know what you are thinking about it.
IH, I've been through seasons of CD, sposies, combo and for 5 glorious months, no one in diapers. It's okay. You can only do so much. Yay for the move! A bigger city will be fun.
Yeah, that is so hard! We jsut cuddle and use the humidifier. Taking a bath together can be good. I'm not a fan of giving babies anything at this age, natrual or not. Of course if baby is miserable or seems to have an infection that may call for something.
Haha! Yes, your kids will be enthusiasitc about whatever you are enthusiasic about...for the most part anyway! It's taken many years of learning what I need and what they need and constantly readjusting to get to this point. I'm the type of person who needs to be doing a lot. When I'm not, I feel useless and unimportant. Sometimes my priorities get out of whack and I need to step back, prioritize and then restart. Our Aprils are always way busier then any other...
Mandy and Levi almost 12 weeks Milestones: Reaching out and grabbing things, putting feet up when playing, talking to let us know what he wants before he starts crying, very expressive, has a great new "I'm so excited" face Lots of smiles and coos...or lots of fussy grunts...just depends on the day. He out grew his swaddler (he's about 16 lbs!!) so we tried for 3 days to go without. That was a disaster. He couldn't sleep and was all trhown off. I finally dug...
I'm just now seeing this. Levi is a mess! He's only sleeping while being held, last night my longest strech of sleep was 1.5 hours. He nursed fon an hour straight from 1:30-2:30...that was after his midnight feeding. UGH! I'm trying to get my house under control b/c my book club is at my house tonight. Add all this to the stupid time change. I need a nap!
I didn't know there was such a book! I'm so excited! Thanks for the thread. I'm planning on giving it another go today. Thanks, everyone, for your tips.
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