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How rough for Amy!  We need midwives like her.  Women should be able to choose.  I hope a lot of people turn out to show their support.  Awaiting action updates.
Wow! Super-cool modern day update to the old tale. Thanks for the old stories and the new one!
Most likely it's a reproduction. Quote: Originally Posted by MeepyCat The thing that's really notable for me (sorry) is the scam flags in the listing. Between the reference to the millionaire art collector friend (who mysteriously lacks the connections to sell this to other collectors himself?), and the description of the painting as "mint" and "antique", I'm guessing that this auction is in some way fraudulent. My first guess would be that the...
Thought this was interesting and didn't know where else to share it. While browsing paintings on eBay I came across this oil painting of a woman nursing a man in a dungeon: http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll...=STRK:MEWAX:IT
I think there must be some hormone that makes women, or at least me, not very interested in sex while lactating. It's not that I dislike it...I can get into it if we actually do it, it's that I have no drive to initiate it. When DD1 was nursing I was not particularly interested in sex. Then I got pregnant with DD2 and the milk dried up (though DD1 (3 years old) was still nursing but not getting anything) and my drive returned. After DD2 was born and the milk was back...
Thanks for the great recommendation for Dr. Radford. I think her Cary office is very close to me and will definitely consider her. Thanks again!
Thanks for the recs! The WBWC and Triangle OB/GYN sound intriguing too.
Thanks! I'll check Dr. Holton out. He sounds wonderful.
Thanks much! Dr. Holton sounds great. I'll have to check him out.
Just gynecological care. DH says we're done having babies and I want to get an IUD. Thanks!
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