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Tell 'em to shove it! Haha, I'm kidding. Mostly.   Holidays are crazy with babies, anyhow. My 11 month old is usually really easygoing, but the holiday season threw her regular schedule off so much that she spent most of it in tears.
I start introducing an open cup at 6 months. I actually have the top of a martini shaker that is the PERFECT size for a baby to learn to use. Of course, most of the water ends up on the baby for awhile, but I like to start teaching them how to use a regular cup early on. They catch on pretty quickly. I almost always use an open cup at meal time and a sippy cup elsewhere.
My kids can come to bed with us whenever they want. They're 6 and 8 (the 11 month old doesn't enjoy co-sleeping, so she sleeps in her crib). My 6yo still comes in a few times per month, 8yo less often. I wouldn't turn them away if they were having a nightmare :(
I've had luck with both Aveeno and California Baby.
I've found that the screaming is just a normal part of a baby's development and they generally grow out of it after the novelty wears off. They're learning how their vocal cords work!
I started with mashed banana and avocado, then transitioned to finely diced/chopped table food pretty early on. I would mix some of the food with purees, sometimes not. It all depends on your baby, but all three of mine did well starting table foods pretty early on.
I'm in the hot, hot desert, so I have offered a little bit of water since about 4 months or so (not more than an oz or so on hot days). Since starting solids I offer her a little bit of water at every meal. She doesn't drink more than about 4oz per day (11.5 months)
Yup, it's fine!
Ditto!   This is my third baby and I hadn't experience pp hair loss with any of the others, so I was worried when I started to find piles of my hair all over the house! It's still falling out, but it's growing back. My hair looks terrible right now.
I'm a fan of both on FB
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