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I don't know that I'd be ready to camp at 3 weeks pp. I've camped with older babies - 5-6 months old and it went very well, but I'm usually still not feeling great at 3 weeks.
Me, me!
I put a light blanket over the whole couch, so there are no gaps in the cushions. The back cushions are off, so the back is more like a hard, fabric covered wall. It's also about as wide back as a twin bed, and she sleeps in the crook of my arm. Maybe I should just get an extra twin mattress for her floor or something, would that be more safe?
Hi! I am currently bedsharing with my 4 month old dd from about 4-7am on the couch. DH sleeps in the bed alone and I'm on the couch. The bed is SUPER soft and I'm uncomfortable in it and actually feel safer on the couch. It is much firmer than the bed, and I remove the back cushions so there aren't any "soft spots". Does this sound okay? I always hear how bad bedsharing on the couch is, but I feel like it's working well and is safer than our bed.
Very cool! There aren't a lot of young Bonnies :) Ours is named for H's grandmother. So sorry about your mother.    
She's here! I haven't been online much lately, busy with schooling the older two and bonding with baby Bonnie.   Labor was insanely hard...it lasted over 40 hours. My longest labor yet! I was in early labor for a very long time and not progressing very quickly. It was exhausting. I ended up having my first epidural, which I hadn't planned on, but I was so exhausted by the time I was finally admitted to the hospital I couldn't even think straight anymore. I am glad I...
My 2nd grader could have read that last year.
My girls are 5 and 7 and they bathe every other day due to eczema. Sometimes we'll skip a bath day but not usually...definitely not in the summer. We live in the desert and it's gross outside in the summer.
My first two were overdue (well, number 1 was only a day over, but I went to 42 weeks with number 2) so I'm expecting that I will probably go over this time as well.
My kids are barefoot a lot. Not outside in the summer, we live in the desert and it's 110-120 degrees in the summer. When the weather is nice, we're all barefoot!
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