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We have a chihuahua/jack russell mix, and she usually just goes on puppy training pads in the house. We pick it up and flush it. She doesn't go a whole lot and when she does they're very small.
dd1 started around 3, and dd2 (2.5 years) is starting to show interest now, so I'm sure we'll start her soon.
dd1 turned 5 in April and we just noticed last night that she has her first loose tooth! She is so excited. I'm oddly emotional about this milestone! I'm more emotional about this that I was about her preschool graduation, hah. She's growing up!
I do play with them, but they play with each other well, too. I also think it's important for them to learn to play independently!
We have a few - a regular Red Cross household first aid kit, a baby first aid kit, and my husband has industrial sized ones in his truck for work (he works at a geothermal power plant)
I'm not a huge stickler about their rooms, but for common spaces they are expected to clean up when they are done with something. If dd1 brings her dolls into the living room, she needs to take them back to her room when she's done. If they're doing a craft in the kitchen, the table needs to be cleared before they move on to something else. For their rooms, I try to get in there and help them do a deep cleaning once a week or so. Daily, they need to at least throw the...
I also have a very spirited 2 year old. I know it can get frustrating, but it is all normal behavior for her age. I also recommend "raising Your Spirited Child"...it's a god-send. Redirection is pretty much the only thing you can do right now. It'll get better, I promise.
Of course they are your children, and you make the rules for them. It's a bit ludicrous for a family member to think that they have a 'right' to your children. HOWEVER, I think you are also being a bit ludicrous to insist that you be there for every single thing your child does. I understand that the go-karts make you uneasy and that makes perfect sense. I'd suggest just playing the mini-golf, or something else that you feel is more age-appropriate.
Thanks a lot for the link! Looks interesting.
I've also been having search issues, so I changed the style at the bottom of the page to Tan II!
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