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I was a pretty free-range child, but I think many of us were like that back then. I'm not as comfortable with my children being alone outside of the yard without me. Actually, they've never been outside of the yard without my husband or I.  My oldest is only 7, though, not 9. My feelings might be different in a few years. My 9-year-old nephew is allowed to ride his bike all around our small town (he does have a cellphone, though).
We store it in the pantry. I've never had one go rank on me, and it gets pretty hot in our kitchen, poor air circulation.
I've had period-like cramping with all three of my pregnancies. Usually at the beginning (4-6 wks) but I noticed that I was having some yesterday as well. I think it is normal.
My doctor did mention that this is a possibility, that they could be elevated from dehydration from so much m/s. Thanks! I will let you guys know how it turns out, I go on Monday for my ultrasound.    
I'm pretty sure mine is still bloat :)
inkslinger, due Jan 16th with #3!
Has anyone else experienced this? My doc ran a liver panel because I've been so sick and she said that my enzymes are elevated. I have to go have an ultrasound on my liver next week.
I've had a bit of it, too! And I swear I look 4 months pregnant, too. This is baby #3 for me.
Very sorry, Carolyn :(
Welcome to all of the new additions to our ddc!
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