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I usually cut it out in the first trimester, then have a cup of coffee now and again later in the pregnancy. I'm going through a bit of caffeine withdrawals today. Coupled with the nausea today is really fun!
I am incredibly hungry but have no desire to eat anything at all. I'm starting to feel a lot of nausea, I don't remember nausea this early with my first two.
5-6 weeks, not sure of the exact date of my LMP. VERY sore breasts, that is how I knew I was pregnant. A touch of nausea, not too bad yet. I'm having a bit of twinge-like cramping in my low abdomen. Super hungry today.
I am not showing at all yet (5-6 wks) but I showed VERY early with #2. I was thinner then than I am now, though.
Joining the club! We weren't trying, but weren't NOT trying. It's a bit of a shock as DH just lost his job. BAD TIMING! I'm excited anyhow. We aren't telling anyone yet and are the parents of 2 girls already, ages 4 and 7. :)
I homeschool and am a student myself. I take as many online classes as possible, and a few night classes if I have to take a physical class. It's slow-going, I'm only able to take about half of a full course-load. It might take me awhile, but I am determined to achieve my degree someday!
What are you planning to use for your 2nd grader? We homeschool through a charter school that provides us with state public school curriculum, which we are mostly using this year for first grade with a bit of supplemental materials. Next year I would like to supplement more, but I don't know what exactly I want to use yet. I have already ordered Miquon and Singapore for math, and I am planning to order Story of the World for history. What else are you planning to use?
dd2 will start kinder in the fall through our homeschool charter school. We were going to wait until the next year when we were still planning on public school because she will be a young K starter (she won't be 5 until the end of October) but since we chose to homeschool our older dd  I figured I might as well start dd2 next year. She is on track for where I would like her to be to formally start K, knows letters, numbers, colors, shapes, etc. She wouldn't be ready for...
This might not be an option for you, or even something that you want to do, but we homeschool through a homeschool charter school. We are able to use all of the school district's services, including EI, sports, band, libraries, etc. Otherwise, I would just contact the district or your local homeschooling group, they might have more options. We had my dd evaluated for speech through the school district when she was 3 before we knew we were going to homeschool her.
If anyone needs Pinterest invites, pm me your email addy and I'll send you one.
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