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I don't know if this helps anyone or if everyone will think I am mean, but when my dd bites I say firmly "No Biting" and look away. It has worked. I think the reason babies laugh is because we make silly faces all the time to make them laugh so when we make a look of pain they don't understand. Their default is "hey, she is trying to be funny!" not understanding that we are reacting to what they did to us. So I make sure to always say no and look away so she learns that it...
what dosage of the coffee?
Do it wrenmoon! it is a cool picture. Also does homeopathic coffee work for babies who just dont sleep soundly? L now has 7 teeth and more on the way. I am thinking teething will never end for this one.
No it was within 48 hours of it starting. Actually ,the first time it took longer to come back. I started in on the galactogogues: oatmeal for breakfast and for dessert, RRL and Nettles infusion ,and I believe you can start taking Fenugreek when you first notice signs. I would have done that but I had the other things handy.
Ruheling, for me it seems to come back pretty fast, like within 48 hours or so. Hate that supply dip! It sucks so much!
She was in the hospital two nights for IV fluids/abx and breathing treatments. They should have admitted her two days earlier for dehydration. I am upset that they didn't because by the time they did she hadn't wet a diaper in over 24 hours.   ETA: The reason I didn't bring her back to the ER sooner is because we were told to "give it two days for the antibiotics to work". Well, we didn't even wait that long but seriously, they should have said "If she still isn't eating...
  6 1/2 Months, 17lbs. 8 oz, 27 1/2 inches long   After a rough beginning of the month being hospitalized for pneumonia (losing a whole pound during the ordeal) Lorelei has gained it all back and then some. Of course this has required her to nurse every two hours 24/7 but I don't mind that much given that she is finally putting on some weight again after being very slow to gain since my mastitis/abscess situation in September.   Wrenmoon, I am with you! All of a...
Yay for never being pregnant again! I wish I could say that. Still an unknown for me. What a cutie J&J!
Thank you for the pattern recommendations! Originally I was only looking on ravelry which I see now was a mistake. These look promising to help use up my loads of sock yarn. http://www.craftsy.com/blog/2013/07/knitting-baby-socks-tutorial/ I will let you know how they turn out and if they stay on.
Anyone have a knitted pattern recommendation for baby socks that actually fit? All the patterns I have tried so far would only fit newborns in the leg or just dont look like they would stay on, etc. Also what is your favorite cast on method for socks?
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