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I've not had a gush that big but I always bleed 8-12wks on and off with it stopping for days and then getting a red gush and starting the tapering off over again. It sounds like you had something left in there that your body wanted to get out, maybe some membrane or something. 
I spend most of my time sitting and nursing the baby. I have a stretchy wrap, a woven wrap and a ring sling and keep trying them but they don't work for long. She won't go in the ring sling at all, she screams no matter what. I can wear her and nurse her in the stretchy wrap if I hold her head with my arm but it is hot and she won't let me transfer her to being upright in it. I can get the woven wrap tied around her if she falls asleep and I can get her on my chest so...
Awesome! I've caught a few poops but no pees yet. I think I am figuring out when she is getting ready to pee but it happens so fast I can't catch it lol. This is my first time trying EC from the start, with my others I didn't start until they were walking. 
Awww (((HUGs))) that is so hard. I was worried mine would ask to nurse too but since I had the baby she said she doesn't need milk anymore and hasn't paid any attention to the boobs at all. I think offering to express it into a cup is fine, I have done that for a while with my oldest girl because I'm not comfy with nursing her anymore. Once they forget how to latch right it just feels really, really wrong to me and both of my older girls forgot how to latch even while...
He's gorgeous!!! Congratulations!! 
Oh honey ((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))))))) You will be in my thoughts <3
Sounds like it may be an intolerance to something you are eating. I would cut out dairy, soy, and eggs, in that order seeing if it improves with any of those out of your diet.  Foremilk/hindmilk imbalance makes green, frothy poop. 
I am. We are on day 8 of 17days. It is going pretty well considering I have three other children lol My oldest is doing a lot while hubby is gone, the kids are watching a ton of movies and I am only up to get into my computer chair or go to the bathroom <3 No visitors until 2wks at least. 
Yep. This was our fourth and last as well and it was hard to let go of the pregnancy even in labor. My baby was early and my labor was fast also. I'm feeling okay but a little sad thinking about what all is over. I loved being pregnant and I loved giving birth and I would love to do it over and over for another ten years but I want to spend more time with my kids. I've spent most of their lives pregnant and tired or taking care of a tiny baby and I'm ready to give them...
I had my tiny girl at 12:15am June 21st. Her name is Kassondra; we are still undecided on the middle name, we were expecting a boy LOL She is my tiniest baby, 6lbs 11oz 19in and she wants to nurse nurse and nurse. It was a short labor, just 5 hours compared to my others that were 15-36.  <3<3<3<3 
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