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can anyone say about how long it took them to complete their doll? in terms of hours of work? I'm interested in giving it a try, but wonder how long it will really take if I'm just working on it an hour or so a day.
Af in full effect here! Good luck ladies, I'll have you in my thoughts for bfp's, etc!
I'm lurking too, up until this morning I was pretty convinced I was going to be here for sure, but had some spotting this morn which is cd28 of 30ish day cycle, so I think I might be right on track to see AF in the next couple days. Who knows! I could test, but why waste the money if I can hold out a couple more days. I think I had an early mc in June, but can't be sure, got 2 BFN's even in the midst of feeling nauseous and smelling everything w/in a mile radius, and...
with DS I got one from Babycenter.com, some of the tips were a little out of line w/ my choices, but it did give good info and i think pictures of what you and the baby were going through, fun descriptions of the size of the baby, usually related to vegetables and fruit!
Thanks for adding me. My cycle is around 30-31 days usually so I'm trying to hold out for a while! Dh is a professor of German.
I guess I'll join in here! Last time I thought I was pregnant the DDC was up pretty early, don't see a May one yet, seems like someone should be over there by now. Weekend Check-In Name: Sara A. Date: Aug 21 Where are you in your cycle: CD 24 Symptoms if they apply: hot flashes, smell aversions, a little itchy in there. When are you thinking of testing: really want to wait til missed period Thoughts: I don't remember it being this hard to wait when TTC DS...
either it was all in my head or i've had an early m/c, either way, I got a BFN and what seems to be an on time period. It's for the best since we weren't trying and we're not feeling very ready right now. I wish you all fabulous, healthy pregnancies!
it's just nice to have this forum to hang out in...since i'm not even sure i "want" to be here, it makes the waiting even harder. I don't want to get my hopes up either way right now. we weren't exactly TTC, but now I think I've got myself convinced it's fine and I am preggo and then if I'm not preggo, i don't know if I'll be disappointed or relieved.
so I'm still not sure if I'm really "here" or not. If I'm not pregnant then I must be going nuts because I've got all the same symptoms that I had with DS in the early days. I'm due to get AF most likely today or tomorrow. I have a bit of spotting this morn. I didn't have any spotting with DS so I don't really know how much to expect. I wouldn't say it necessarily looks like preAF spotting, as that's been a different color the past few months. I haven't really been...
Quote: Originally Posted by michanders4 This sounds EXACTLY like my story. We weren't planning on TTC for a month or two (at least) and had some unprotected encounters this month and figured we'd see what happened! I started feeling really hungry all the time and then felt crampy a week before AF was due which is not normal for me at all so I decided to test. Sure enough I got a BFP and that first night I was a little freaked out. By the next day when I...
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