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you might try attaching a snack trap cup by the handles with some of those plastic links, i do that with toys sometimes. it's not a tray, but it will keep it from totally falling out of the stroller/hands.
ugh, i wish i had some good advice for you...my ds is pretty clingy too, our best bet is to get him involved in helping with something around the house, then i slip away, not necessarily playing with toys, but doing something like laundry, or sweeping (he loves to clean).
i hear you with the time of day thing for sure! the one thing i always realize is that I need a snack at this time of day too. if i have a snack and make sure to drink some water or juice, i am in a better place to deal w/ ds's craziness and the waiting game for dh to get home. this is also a good time of day to play chase and tickle, or whatever sort of running around the house laughing game your family is into.
my son is the same age and has been having similar fits of frustration, they don't last as long (yet). He will either cry uncontrollably for what seems like a long time or he'll do very physical flopping, yoga like rambling moves on the ground. i too try to just stay with him, give him words, offer distractions if it seems like it's been a long time, etc. he is also working on getting molars, and i really think every once in a while they just hurt so much he can't deal...
thanks so much for your response. there is so much involved in a move, and now that it's not just loading up the back of my car like it used to be I'm a little overwhelmed. we're looking forward to living in the area though. we're moving away from one of the towns that everyone's always asking about on here...carrboro. it's a pretty great place and there aren't very many reasons to leave, besides getting a good job somewhere else which is what my husband did!
thanks, i have joined the mmbn yahoo group, but haven't been able to post an introduction yet, keep getting caught by the spam filters I think. i will look up the api yahoo group too.
we're moving to Chattanooga later this summer. i'm looking for some new friends for my DS and I, as well as suggestions on where to live, pediatricians, etc. He'll be around 16 mos. then. looking for attachment parents, breastfeeding toddlers, nature lovers, buddhists, any or all of the above! thanks!
We had Nancy for our "almost" homebirth and cannot say enough wonderful things about her and her assistant. we ended up at the hospital after almost 36 hours and a star gazer positioning necessitated a morphine nap, but my DS was still caught by a midwife and we left the same evening. Would be happy to share any details if you want to PM me. I plan to homebirth again if we have another child.
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