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Speaking of buying co-ops, I think Frontier sells organic cheese powder.
Thanks for the updates everybody. Maybe I'll email the woot guys. Aja congrats on the new arrivals. They are gorgeous!
SD, have your seats arrived from woot yet? We ordered one but it has been delayed apparently.
I really loved Saint Maarten! I did not love the Dominican Republic.
I had a 2005 Outback which I loved, and you could fit three carseats across the back, but it was very difficult. I mean take the skin off of your knuckles buckling them in difficult. We didn't have small carseats though, and I loved that car otherwise.
Not that it would help in the winter, but more long term, could you make the farmstead work harder for you? become a CSA, sell produce and eggs at a farmers market? Raise specialty produce for restaurants? Have a pumpkin patch or pick your own outfit? Set up a farmstand? Sell cow or goat shares for people who want raw milk?
I find the prices to be comparable, but I think Costco has much better business practices. The selections are similar but not identical.
Feeling a little under the weather tonight, so I didn't make the pot stickers and stir-fry. I really wanted to order pizza, but instead I threw together cheese ravioli with vodka sauce. I did have to have dh stop at the store for eggs though. VM9799 I think I'll just try the risotto with the basmati. You are right, what's the worst that could happen?
Hi everyone! I have been following this thread for awhile but haven't jumped in until now. I am a poly, pagan, bi, mom of two married to an incredible man who is mostly monogamous by nature, but is very open-minded and has come to be very comfortable with the fact that I am not. I haven't been involved with anyone else in a long time (about eight years) due mostly to little kids and life circumstances, but I am so ready to change that. I just feel like it's time...
So far so good! We all ate leftovers for dinner last night. Everyone had something different, and we used up a bunch of odds and ends from the fridge. Lucky me I got the leftover lobster bisque! Tonight we will be having potstickers, and stir-fried snowpeas and sugar snap peas. Might make rice too. Shortly here I will turn some browning bananas into chocolate chip banana bread. VM9799 thanks for the recipe! It sounds yummy. But can you use basmati rice? That is all I...
New Posts  All Forums: