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quick question - do i have to have a thermometer that has to the hundredths in order to get my BBTs? or will my regular thermometer that goes to the tenths (ie one digit past the decimal) be okay?
Hiyo, I'd like to be added! We just started trying this month but I think we waited too late--hubby decided suddenly that this month WASNT too soon after all, but I think I might've already ovulated. Though I wasn't paying much attention to my CM like I usually do, so perhaps not. My cycles vary from 28-33 days. CD: 21 Appts - none, I'm scheduling one for the end of the month with some CPMs in the area we are moving to--I want to make sure I have choices! Age:...
Hi there, I'm open for referrals for CPMs in the MA/RI/NH area...we'll be living in Cambridge, MA during the birth (hopefully--not preggers yet but planning/hoping to be very very soon!) I'm a CNM student and fond of CNMs of course, but since CNMs in MA and RI can't do homebirth I'd like CPM referrals. If anyone has anyone they loved, please let me know :-) I'm happy to hear CNM referrals for NH where some of them do do homebirths. Also, if any one has experience at...
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