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Growing pains for sure. I remember them. They were horrible. I used to put my feet on the wall and then just push like crazy to try to get it to stop.
I've never done something like this but why do you need lawyers to make a homeowner's bodily injury claim?
OP, dont think of it as suing, think of it as making an insurance claim that was intended for this specific purpose. Why do we have insurance if not to be there for issues like this?
Look, this is what homeowner's insurance or renter's insurance is for. Bodily Injury on your property. It's pretty no nonsense, not a personal vendetta sort of thing, but a fact of life and living. Trust me, if someone slipped on your driveway and broke their leg youre going to be sued. Not because they personally hate you or hold you responsible but -that's what the insurance is for!- So, in other words, youre being emotional about a very non-emotional thing that needs to...
My 3.5 year old DD has always had sleep issues. Both my kids do. I do too. I can't take a nap to save my life. My kids can't, either. I need some help and/or thoughts. My DD will go to her room and play quietly, which is fine by me. However, on the days that she is exhausted from preschool or being outside all day, she will literally hold her eyes open or stand on her head or other crazy things to stay awake. Seriously? OK I'm a pretty smart woman but this has me baffled...
Maybe your daughter could put some diaper rash cream on herself? My 3.5 dd is the exact same way, gets red from bad toilet wiping, says it hurts all the time down there (sometimes I wipe for her and she gets all upset saying it hurts). I made up a story once about how I was using a special wipe and it was gentle and she, miraculously, said it didnt hurt... which led me to believe it's now a routine. My daughter is a "do it once and then do it each and every time" sort of...
I -totally- dont want to scare you, because it's probably drama-stuff, but it sort of rang a bell: http://www.cnn.com/2014/02/10/health/lah-gianni-story/
Hi folks, I have a 36 month old who made the transition to underwear very smoothly about 1.5 months ago. However, we have some issues that I just don't know whether it's normal or not, so thanks for your thoughts.   Background: My DD is in underwear all day except for her 1 nap and at bed. She wets her pull-ups at said nap and at bed, so she's not clearly ready for being sans-pullup while sleeping. We don't do rewards or anything like that. Just a "good job" and...
My 3 year old (on Sunday) does this. Totally normal, I hear it will pass but not any time soon. I just deal with it until it's too much and they I tell her I'm not interested in being with her if she's going to act like that and just ignore her. She'll eventually come up and hug me and say sorry -or- she will run off and play on her own. Either one works!  
If youre at a place that has high chairs, take the high chair into the bathroom and put the newborn in there, if she's not too small.  EDIT: OK, she's 2 months, that's tiny but when she gets older.... :)
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