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Introducing a new breastfeeding support group in Lebanon County! Meets EVERY WEDNESDAY 9:30 - 11 am 615 Cumberland St Lebanon PA 17042 Offered by Lebanon Family Health Services and held in the WIC office. Open to ALL expecting and experienced mothers, do not have to be a WIC participant to attend. Nursing babies and toddlers are welcome. Come and join the conversation!
Welcome to the area! I'm sure some mommas here can help you out, but there is an AP meetup group that covers Harrisburg. If you search meetup.com you can find it. Those mamas are real-life dilemma helpers!!
I am. And isn't it true that you have to explicitly state your wishes to family IN ADDITION to having it on your identification card? When I renewed my license, I made sure dp was aware of organ donation and what it entailed. He had no idea that your skin is considered an organ and can be harvested (if applicable). I've never put much thought into the 'why' of why I am a donor. I just am.
Oh, and if you belong to your local freecycle network, if there is one, that is also a great resource for getting extra coupons for free. I've requested the past week's coupons and offered to pick them up, and you'd be surprised how many people are willing to hold them!
I know the grocery store (Giant/Martin's) I like to frequent has never mentioned anything to me about redeeming 6-10 of the same coupon. As long as the amount of items matches the amount of coupons I'm trying to redeem, I doubt they even notice!
I do not use the websites. If I find some coupons in the Sunday paper that I like, I hang out until about Tuesday or Wednesday and scoop them up from the coupon corner at the county libraries. If your library doesn't have a swap area for coupons, ask them to consider starting one!! To be fair, I clip and drop off the ones I won't be using, and then help myself to the ones I know I'll use. What?? All of the coupons for Newman's Own pasta sauce and salsa are gone? All of...
I think you may have been wrong about contacting her through fb. I don't think you were wrong about tellin' her off or whatever, but I know I would have called "K" to say it. And your husband was/is wayyyy more wrong than you are.
Without reading other posts... Doesn't sound like a friend I'd like to keep. It sounds like you have kids in common, and that's it. She regularly puts down stay at home moms?? Do you go around criticizing what she does for a living? TO HER FACE? I have BTDT. I tried and tried to be friends with a girl from high school (didn't care for her much then) but we were in the hospital having a baby at the same time. I tried to invite her over, meet her out, etc., but she...
Dp and I loved it because as dp said 'It should go a long way in normalizing bf'ing, since J&P aren't crunchy hippies'. And as a long-time Office fan, I recounted in my head the amount of breastfeeding references over the seasons...and it's pretty many! Female writers prevail, perhaps? I really loved it. Good for them!
I have to say my relationship with myself has infected all of my relationships with other people. On the near side of 30, I am finally taking charge of my feelings and self esteem. Everything else in my life will probably start looking up because of it!
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