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thank you! i appreciate the advice! we were actually thinking of the bark collar. that's for the short-term. for the long-term, we are going to start training him. he needs to know that it is unacceptable behavior to go after any other animal in our home. we are trying to promote peace and harmony. (now, if only my kids could understand that! LOL!)
i do have a gate up and he barks through the gate. i put a towel up, and he pulled it down (he's a puppy). i need to know what i can do to stop the behavior.   thank you for responding though! :)
how can i get my 1yo shi-poo to tolerate the cat in my home and baby bunny in my kitchen?! HELp!!!! i cannot bond to the bunny the way i want to, without the puppy barking like a nut, which makes the bunny run into his cage.... i'm really upset. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!!!!
GREAT info!!! EXACTLY what i needed! thanks!!!!
oh wow! i'll look at the site... thanks!!!!
Hi everyone! I need information to give my priest on why Christians shouldn't circumcise. i had a wonderful amount of info years ago and can't locate it. we were talking about it in bible study and he didn't know anything about it. i know we can't talk about religion here, i don't want to talk about it, i just need help locating information about it!   thanks so much!!!
i just wanted to mention that it could also be something he's sensitive to. my 8yo son is very very loving, but when he eats wheat, he turns into a different kid! he melts down over everything, is angry all of the time, is actually violent towards his sisters, obstinate and really rude to dh and i. horrible!!!!!!! but as soon as he went gluten-free, he's a different kid!!!!! he still melts down sometimes, etc, but he's SO much nicer now! i can't believe how many kids are...
thanks for all the responses! VERY interesting!   i ended up getting af. wow! that was a wild ride for 3 weeks!!!   dh said that will never happen again. we'll see... LOL!
pandme~ i'm so sorry you feel that way honey. that must be so hard. just remember how fast it went last time with your other kids! it will go even faster then that. you WILL get happy/settled again. you will. just breathe... and let it go.
my friend spontaneously ovulated with her pg for her son! she always ovulated the SAME time every single cycle. one day, nowhere near her ovulation time, they dtd. all of a sudden, she felt an ovulation pain. she told her dh, "omg! i'm going to get pg! i just spontaneously ovulated like a cat!!!" 2wks later... bfp!
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