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Nah, my kids are very young. I haven't read this whole discussion either. I know my parents lied about our ages. I remember going to the waterpark (or something like one) and my mother told them I was seven, and I very angrily said "No, I'm eight!" And I'm pretty sure she ended up spending more money.
I know those who are telling him to tell his parents he is unhappy are only trying to help, but remember it's a sensitive subject and it's one that doesn't come up often (or at all.) The only time I talked about circumcision with my mother was before my son was born, and even then we didn't talk about me.
I don't think it should become illegal. You can't be completely reliant on the laws to tell you right from wrong. I'd rather that people understand that it isn't necessary. Although it takes longer, it's more effective in the long run.
Quote: Originally Posted by momtolivy I find this such a weird question - not to the OP, necessarily, but in general. It's like - hmm - should I have my precious newborn son undergo medically unnecessary cosmetic surgery to achieve a result that will mean his body is forever altered in a negative way, in addition to all the risks associated with surgery those specifically related to circ? What?? I don't mean to be totally snarky, but I just don't get...
I don't celebrate Christmas, but one without presents sounds really nice. Or at least making it so the presents are not the main focus. (I grew up in a home where we didn't celebrate birthdays with presents, etc.)
Very unlikely, but I would listen to him and be supportive. I highly doubt that a teenager would want to be circumcised on a whim. I would give him the right information, but my goal would not to be to talk him out of it.
Quote: Originally Posted by Fyrestorm I still want to know why an OB who specializes in woman's parts thinks they have any business messing around with something that they know nothing about. (except how to remove it of course) Hahahahhhahahaha. This made me laugh harder than it should have. A lot of stuff I didn't know, this is an interesting thread/ /was circumcised by a urologist. *shrug*
I think it's just that people are ignorant of what they're not used to. It's an easy answer to justify circumcision with "it's easier to clean." Cleanliness is desirable, etc. But I had issues where I wouldn't shower for weeks (read: drug addiction) and I never had smegma even then. I actually don't think there's a significant difference in care. An intact male will clean his penis just as he cleans any other part of his body. Wow, this post makes no sense.
People don't typically ask. I actually wasn't aware people were that concerned. *shrug*
I don't drink alcohol...at all. But I don't think there is really anything wrong with drinking in front of kids.
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