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I apologize if there is an existing post or sticky about this, but I couldn't find one.  I have been on a dairy elimination diet for 12 weeks and am ready to do a dairy challenge.  My 6 1/2 month old DD tested negative for an igE response, but I fear she has an intolerance.  Anyway, does anyone have any dairy challenge tips?  How much and what kind of dairy should I try this first time?  How long will it take to get into my breast milk?    I'm not sure the proper way...
I have a pretty severe allergic reaction to adhesives, but I don't seem to have any problems with corn products or any other substance. 
I only have one friend who gets the way I parent.  Most of my close friends IRL think I'm nuts.  I just don't discuss all my parenting decisions with most of them.  We have other things in common besides parenting.  These and similar forums are the only place where I feel like my decisions are truly accepted.  You will become more confident with your decisions as time goes on.  With DD#1, I felt the need to justify things more.  With DD#2, I am totally confident in my...
Thank you so much for your help!  I also realized that I started eating granola bars with pecans in them only once I returned to work - sometimes two of them a day.  Obviously I will stop eating those as well. 
Is it possible for an allergy to develop around 3 months or would I have noticed it immediately?  I don't think I've changed my diet, but my 4 month old DD's behavior changed drastically around that time.  This is also the time I went back to work and she began staying with a nanny.  The behavior first started in the afternoons with the nanny and has been happening frequently with me in the evenings for the past two weeks.  I'll try to give you a rundown of the...
We used HynoBirthing with DD1 and will be using it with DD2.  We did take the class though, and I wouldn't recommend doing it by just reading the book.  It was a wonderful birth experience.  Good luck!
What is the name of the company for which you included a toy catalog in the last issue?
I'm getting DD one made by Schylling Toys.  I can't tell from Amazon where they are made, but I saw them for sale at Whole Foods recently and they are very particular about the toys they carry.  I have a mop and broom set from the company, and they seem to be good quality.
Wow! Your story made me cry! Thanks for sharing. I hope your DD is better.
DJs make these kind of comments here all the time. It makes me angry but I don't have the energy to address every ignorant comment I hear.
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