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One thing that helped for a little while with our oldest in preschool was letting her get dressed before eating breakfast instead of waiting until after.  This gave her some time to wake up before eating and that was what she needed at the time.  She also liked that she was mature enough to be trusted with eating in her good clothes.
Thank you so much for your recommendations!  We started using Dr. Dobran and LOVE L-O-V-E her!  Thank you so much :)     I'm also interested in hearing if you (or anyone) has heard of good, non-alarmist high risk OBs or MFMs?  We're planning to TTC in a few months and I want to have some names for if/when we get pregnant.   Thanks again!
I just moved here from Virginia and am looking for relaxed docs who are OK with minimal vaccines for kiddos.  Especially someone who is trusting and supportive of their patients and do not put themselves in an authoritative role.  It'd be great if they take FEP Blue Cross/Blue Shield, too.  I need the following:   - Family Practice - Pediatrician  - Endocrinologist - OB/Midwife (for annual checks, etc) - Chiropractor - Dentist   Thanks! :)   (PS if...
  Sporting a Gen-Y Universal cover.  
My husband and I have heard lots about delaying vaccines or being selective about vaccines, and from what we've heard, we'd like to research it further. We have the Sears vaccine book, but it seems more like a vaccine-by-vaccine guide to which to use when. I'd like something more broad-scoped to start with. Do you have any recommendations on what internet sites or books to start with? Thanks!
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