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You need to take a break, and that's ok! It sounds like you are with your daughter almost 24/7. Hire a babysitter to come in a few mornings a week. I think everyone feels a mourning for there old lives every now and then. Honestly, mine dissipates the older DD gets, because there are times now where she is just so fun. Last, remember that full-time parenting is just a stage of life, and as we get older we'll have all the time in the world to do the things we sacrificed for...
Ugh, my 4yo still wants to be carried all the time. I physically can't do it all the time, and she gets upset.
I ordered tiny training pants from the ec store. The ones that Under the Nile makes we're the smallest I could find. The bloomers is a cheap/easy option, or you could just use pull-on wool covers.
Guys!   I'm three days out from getting my period, but I've been having horrible constipation this week, and some mood swings. This could be the one! I'm still going to wait until I have a missed period to take a test. I've taken too many negative tests to do it again.   Please cross fingers & toes!
Can you add me to Waiting to Know?   The first time I got pregnant (five years ago) was a TOTAL surprise, and now that we are ready for #2, I have no idea how to actually get pregnant: What day should we try? How do I know when I'm ovulating? Eeeek!!!!   Sidenote: I've been off BC since Jan/Feb and taken several negative pregnancy tests.   I'm hoping to get some tips for you other TTC ladies.
Thanks for the book reco - I might need to read that one too.
I hate that on invitations! You are either the dolt who brought nothing or the person who brought a gift that the parents dont want. Eeek..   Gift cards are a good option.  
Just thought I would let you know that I'm giving away a copy of Kelly Wels book Changing Diapers right here:   http://greenbabygreenmama.com/sign-with-your-baby-changing-diapers-big-green-purse-giveaway/   Also included in the giveaway is a baby sign language book and a book filled with eco-cheap strategies for your household.   Have any of you guys read any of those books? What do you think?
Hey guys, I'm just trying to find some cool eco toys for DD's easter basket..  These little eggs look pretty cool and im ordering her this amazing organic bunny  filled with wool....   We already have a felt easter basket that we use every year.   Have you found anything great? (Maybe artistic basket stuffers?) What are you going to do?   http://greenbabygreenmama.com/eco-eggstravaganza/  
Thank you for this! I'm going to upgrade DD's easter bunny to wool filling. :)  
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