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its my understanding 13 hours of light is needed to lay, so either start a light on a timer a few hours before daylight, or wait until the natural daylight increses
I would like to second what the pp said up there, even if the nurses strongly encourage or insist you don't hold/ touch baby, the sheets need to be changed and the diapers changed as well, the baby needs to be touched during these procedures and it should be you doing the touching. During my second son's nicu stay (born 32/33 weeks, in the nicu for 2 weeks) some nurses were insistant I was very hands off with the baby, then there was one wonder nurse who told me here pick...
my ds is 8 months now and he has been waking every hour for the last three weeks I am exhausted. he can pull himself up now, and crawl and sit. so I often will lay him down asleep only to have him push himself up to sitting while still sleeping then start crying It will get better. My 2 year old asks to go to bed although even she doesn't sleep through the night 100%
Quote: Originally Posted by hillymum I 100% support this mom. IMO she is doing what's best for not just her, but her family too. Saddly I am aware that what she is doing is illegal, and know that there are people who only look at the law, not the situation and can cause trouble. For that reason only I voted on the second option.
no soap on the cast iron just hot water and if you clean it right away it comes clean better, we have a brush to clean it
Quote: Originally Posted by ColoradoKat She won't latch, I try every now and then. She was never a comfort nurser, and never once pulled on my shirt or gave signs that she wanted to nurse, it was always me who would put her on. I totally appreicate your suggestions and I too agree that nursing would be the best option, but to be honest I am looking for other suggestions. Do some kids just not like milk? Is milk really necessary? none...
my my 11,8, and 4 and 2 year old are in the basement playing with bionicle legos !!! all together and not to much arguing, and the baby well he just woke up so here's to another night of miserable teething baby, but at least he smiles even when he's grumpy
Quote: Originally Posted by Throkmorton I had no idea about the pineapples until right now. me neither I thought they grew like coconuts in bunches up in trees
Quote: Originally Posted by moondiapers I'd do this, but in a more polite way. I'd bring the salad, plus a dish that is different than what is usually there. : THis is a great idea and i'm with you I have passive aggressive in laws and I feel put down often when we are getting ready for family events I"ve solved that by doing what is asked of me ie: salad and doing what I would love for the holiday
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