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Quote: Originally Posted by Blooming Oh and now- as in right now, I'm Kegeling. me too
When I was little, the hwy out of town had a sign up on a tree in a little forest that said "Game Cutting" with a phone number below. Growing up I always thought it was a place you could go to cut trees down for fun it wasn't until last year when I took my dh down that road and pointed out the "tree cutting fo fun" sign that he burst out laughing and told me it was an add for game Animal butchering like deer and moose ... oh I felt so silly
Quote: Originally Posted by eksmom OK, maybe it won't *blow up*, but isn't there some reason why you're supposed to keep the door open? l so you can watch the food so it doesn't burn?
Quote: Originally Posted by roomformore Until 5 min ago I thought that these :: were strawberries being thrown... *sigh* you aren't the only one curlyfry thought they were strawberries too
I posted on freecycle to get rid of a very large and cumbersome pool table. The fellow came to look at it, of course this involved walking through my house to see it in the basement. My husband was livid because after all was said and done 3 strange men had to come through our house to get it out and of course they've seen all our stuff, I"m just not comfortable doing that again. I think next time if I have big things I want to get rid of i'll have to call the diabetes...
I think its a wonderful gift, a way to express the true meaning of Christmas
I like the gynecologist, there are 5 to choose from in town, but I only know this one, and she has good recomendations (some friends of mine have had c sections with her) I know that a hysterectomy is not the recomended treatment. I also know that this is a slow growing cancer and is unlikely to spread HOnestly I"m terrified of having a leep and or a hysterectomy I have five kids, I"m done having children, my dh has already had a vas, so future fertility isn't an...
Quote: Originally Posted by kate3 CIN III does need to be treated, but a LEEP should be adequate. Were your ECCs positive? A hysterectomy is extreme, but it is your choice. If you have no exposure to any new strains of HPV the LEEP will most likely cure the dysplasia. If there is any chance of new exposure to HPV (change in partner, partner who has other partners), then of course you could be reinfected and there is no guarantee that this won't happen...
I need some feedback from people history Severe dyskariosis on pap smear dec 06 while pregnant, I chose to delay follow up colposcopy to after birth 6 weeks postpartum colposcopy done and given results as "normal" but recomended for follow up colposcopy in six months follow up colposcopy in november states I have a HIgh Grade SIL (CIN III) and recomend I go through a leep procedure I don't want a leep procedure I think this has gone on too long and has been...
they are available at www.thebabymarketplace.com
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