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well when I finally had my dd I bought some girly diapers after 3 boys I really wanted some other colors besides blue and red. Now that i've had a little girl i've gotten over the desire for gender specific clothes and I have to say that my fifth baby (a boy) is happily wearing all sorts of pink diapers So I don't think its silly its just a desire for something different I say buy a few pink diapers if you want
I can suggest oxyclean presoak, or washing and putting out in the sunshine to dry (although its winter here and well there's not much sun)
my daughter is 2.5 wears a 90 leggings (the 100's fall down) she's 26lbs, and I think the regular fit underwear in the xs size are too tight on her thighs? the bum area fits nice and the waist isn't tight at all (honestly I don't even think its stretched) but the thighs are tight I think i'm going to either get her the hipsters in xs or the regular ones in small
As a general rule I don't go away without my kids but... after baby 5 was born my sister was graduating from university, my family live 5 hours from me and hadn't seen my baby yet and I was pretty worn out from caring for all the kids, so I flew down to visit with just the baby and left all the other kids with my dh and his mother my daughter was just 2 and I was gone for 3 nights 2 days she was fine. and I was great. : the one thing to consider is its possible she...
I"ve really appreciated reading everyones different views especially being a mom of 4 boys and one girl I wonder how I will respond differently to similar situations as my children grow. and to the op I think its fine to be concerned, i'm glad you have a relationship with the other parent so you could talk to them about the event. And you must have a wonderful relationship with your son for him to want to tell you all the details of his night
Quote: Originally Posted by AKmoose Yep, add me to the "thought it was a vagina" club me too
we have a pac and play, I never use it at home but I use is all summer when I"m camping and when we visit family. our extended family do not have baby proof homes, no baby gates and lots of open stairwells and a pool! so if my dh or I can't have full attention on the baby (which is difficult with 4 other kids to watch) the baby needs to be in a playpen I don't htink they are useful before the baby is mobile, and if we didn't have one I don't think we would miss it....
Quote: Originally Posted by UlrikeDG My mom thinks so. She put the Christmas tree in it so I couldn't pull it over on top of myself. when my first two were little my older son liked to play with little lego, but my toddler was quite the lego eater, I put the older kid in the playpen wiht his "creations" and let the toddler run around Problem solved!
When my oldest son's foreskin retracted at about 5 he told me "look mom I found where all that gum I swallowed went" I was kinda like Huh???? I guess he figured that must be where it all ended up. but yes it was shiny and moist and kinda purple/blue/red colored
and a Hello from Vernon BC :
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