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honestly I think babies like it tasting like foam : I"m not sure how old your baby is but my toddlers always liked firm tofu sauteed in chunks in a little bit of soy sauce, also they liked the pieces taken out of my miso soup
my last three children have all slept on their stomachs from birth
When I was in this situation my son had been taking two 5 ounce bottles while I was at work (he was 12 months when I returned) I was able to pump the 10 ounces needed, but once I became pregnant I couldn't spend my whole lunch hour and breaks pumping (I had to eat too) so my pumping fell to about 50% of his needs, he too was refusing cows milk in a bottle so instead of one bottle being ebm and one alternative milk I tried to mix the ebm 75% and 25% cows milk and after a...
oh my comment about the mask is the baby probably really won't tolerate it, most babies if they have something on their face begin rooting thinking they are being fed and baby will probably get really upset
i flew with my almost 4 week old and it was a piece of cake (A very short flight only 1 hr) I needed to bring his hospital bracelet for id, because there was no way we had a birth certificate or health card yet, those take at least 6 weeks to arrive. but I have friends who live here who flew home with their preemie baby when he was relesed from the hospital there was no other choice for them, he couldn't not have been in a carseat for the six hour drive, he was 35...
Happy birthday Koru and Amy! I've finally pulled out my plethora of baby toys. I've got some little "centers" set up a baby gym on a mat with a mirror to roll toward. the tiny love play mat with things hanging up in the air in the living room. and of course my biggest savior the mobile hanging in the crib. I sold my baby swing because Callum was terrified of it, so right now I don't have anywhere to put him down unless its laying flat on tummy or back. I actually got...
Quote: Originally Posted by annabanana for my first pregnancy with a family doc, and the second, with a mw, both insisted i do an HIV test, even if i've been in a monogamous relationship for 13 years. while on one hand, i didn't care--it is a blood test, it is not invasive, and i didn't have to personally pay for it-- on the other hand the sheer stupidity of it bothered me. the reasoning? the mw said that if i were to transfer to a hospital, and if...
synchro you must be a wonderful artist I don't htink my hand is that steady with paper and pencil My hair is falling out too. its kinda gross to me so I keep it up all the time and brush it outside
we have a neighborhood public pool that my kids go to daily, my youngest ds has been 2-4 months this summer, and only one time did I take him in, it was so hot out he slept through it. But I just don't htink young babies like cool water, but i'd still go to the party
I feel okay with cuts that bleed I don't try to stop the bleeding quickly either i let the cut bleed to wash out the wound tetanus is a bacteria that thrive in an oxygen free environment, blood has oxygen as does our air, so if its a deep wound but bled profusely, or a shallow wound, therefore exposed to oxygen I wouldn't worry and was the carpet nail in the house? even less likely exposure to tetanus
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