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I agree the meconium doesn't stain at all
My dd had infrequent stools since birth. her first meconium poop wasn't until day 4 (i produce a lot of milk ) and then not again till day 9 but after that her regular routing was to go every 6-10 days. sometimes it had the consistency of toothpaste, but most often it was just regular mustard bf baby poop. I know a pp mentioned being concerned about when babe starts solids. I delayed solids until 10 months and really focused on watery fruits and vegetables as her first...
well I"m working on number 5 but welcome
Quote: Originally Posted by sovereignqueen Uh, I don't know When I got a CAN donation pp asked me if i wanted to convert it to us $ or keep it CAN, so I checked "keep it CAN" and it keeps it seperate in the same acct (if that makes sense). I figured if we keep it CAN we can then use it to buy CAN GCs and there wouldn't be anything lost in conversion, but my logic could be faulty.... This is a good idea in theory, but I did want to point out...
Quote: Originally Posted by amyleigh33 So I went and bought a bottle of Floradix yesterday from a local organic/vegetarian grocer. It was CDN$20 for the bottle which I thought was not too bad. But it turns out that a) it's not technically vegan if you do not eat honey because there's honey in it; but also that b) it has Hibiscus and Rosehip in it - I was pretty sure you were not supposed to consume these herbs during pregnancy? I've taken it anyway...
Sounds like the newborn period is figured out, but I think Layaway is a great option it will help you save money on shipping that can go towards more diapers!
What are their measurements? I have some bamboo here, that I need to sew into something and flats sound nice and easy
Quote: Originally Posted by Sparklespaz My brain went to that same lost land when I got pregnant with my first and hasn't returned since! *sigh* mine too
Good evening I think most of my nausea has passed(yeah!) and I don't feel like I'm dragging myself through the day so much anymore My gas fireplace is fixed so we are warm again. other than that nothing is new. I still don't look like I"m pregnant although I'm too thick for my skinny pants anymore. I haven't gained any weight yet, but hopefully i"ll have put on a few pounds by the time I go back to the midwife on the 22nd
Thank you for all your feedback. I am not going ahead with the cerclage it just doesn't seem like it will benefit me. The ob seems reluctant to offer me progesterone shots, and keeps saying the pills will be fine. I am opting to have cervical measurements done (via ultrasound) often after 20 weeks so hopefully that will give us a headsup crossing my fingers for a full term baby
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