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Local bee pollen works really well, and nettle tea.  Good luck!
I am surprised to hear he qualified too with just scores like that. They do look at other things other then scores typically though. What are the needs, how will going benefit the child long term. Speech issues are better caught early and helped. I had 2 kiddos go to SN pre school. It was 4 days a week about 3 hours a day. I have nothing bad to say about the experience, and I am a homeschooler LOL. You can always start, then if you don't like it pull your child out....
Welcome :) I have 2 preemies, one that is now 19 ( he was 4lbs,) and one that is almost 8 ( she was 2lbs, 6 oz)  The hospital was wonderful to us. They had a room we could stay the night in if we lived to far to drive, access to showers, and washing machines. Both parents were welcome. Visitors were welcome over a certain age, but when my dd was born they did let all her siblings come see her for a few minutes in the NICU.
Welcome!  Glad to have you here! There are many different foums that may be of interest to you. If you need any help finding anything just shout and someone will be happy to help :)
I am sure it is. As an adult I felt the same way going off gluten and witnessed these same behaviors in my 7 and 13 yo also. Your body craves all the gluten foods like a drug , it is detoxing. He should be fine in a few days :)
There is a forum for Moms like this ( and those of us like me who are trying lol ) You can find it here! http://www.mothering.com/community/f/311/the-mindful-home
I have one like this. I would just get up quietly, remove his plate and put it in the sink. Then I would go sit back down and finish eating. When he asked why, I told him since he was acting like that he must not be hungry. ( Yes it killed me inside ) It took two times and he never did it again.  
We tell ours that those types of drinks are not healthy and especially not for children. They are told they can make the choice for themselves as an adult but for right now we cannot allow them to et or drink things that are harmful to them.
Welcome! We have Mama's from all over the world here. If you click on the forums and look through finding your tribe , it lists by areas :) That way you can also connect to other Mamas near you :)  If you have any questions, just ask away and we will be happy to help 
Have you looked at http://waldorfessentials.com/  ? Melisa offers some free stuff, and if you join the yahoo group or FB page she is always answering questions :)
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