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Is she a light sleeper? Perhaps she is doing some growing and it is waking her?  I have one that was like this and we did end up putting a co sleeper next to our bed, and it was a huge help. 
Hi OwensMom5 and welcome. I have also dealt with this loss and understand the pain it brings. You can go over to the pregnancy loss board for support :)    http://www.mothering.com/community/f/22/pregnancy-and-birth-loss
Hi Paralamb and welcome :)  You will find a lot of wonderful Moms here with great info and experience to share. 
Awesome thank you for that link!  We ended up in Sandy :)
When my dd was in the NICU this sweet man would come in and play guitar and sing. Whenever he did this near her bed her stats all went up :)
I take pics, then put them on the ridiculous huge TV DH bought. It is shocking what you notice in pics that you don't when you are standing in it
She is not near you, but is trying to see what she can locate closer to you :)
I dont think so :) We also came late. I will find some good links for you on this.
  I just saw this! I will get you that info asap :)
QueenJane already mentioned it, but yes do not think the younger the child the less imapcted. My kid with the biggest issues came to us at 2 1/2, and the next one at barely 2. We deal with HUGE behaviors here. Not trying to scare you, but I was totally uneducated when we started. I also do not suggest getting a child slightly older or really close in age as your bio child. I would have not disrupted birth order like we did  if I had to do it all over again.
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