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The other Momma have given you great advice already. I wanted to add for books and toys you can join the yahoo group http://groups.yahoo.com/group/waldorfcurriculum-supplies/ . You can post if you looking for something or just wait and see what comes up. 95% of my Waldorf books have come from here.
I dont believe the one here does either. (Phoenix, Az) Even our public schools no longer have a school nurse. They are "health techs" and are normally just  someones Mom who can hand out meds.
  Thank you!!! That is exactly what I was looking for. It reminds me of the dentist we are leaving behind.
I say area because we haven't found a house yet but we know it will be near SLC :)  I am hoping to find a delayed / refused vax accepting, homeopathic accepting Ped. Does anyone happen to have one?   Oh and a kids dentist :)
We live in the north valley. I also have a 7 yo dd. We get together at the park with some other homeschoolers on Fridays and there should also be some playmates for your little one. PM me if you are interested :)
Have you asked to had him placed with you? If so and they haven't you need to find out why. You said she has lost all rights so I am assuming that he has been in care for quite some time if termination has been done. If the social worker isnt returning your calls, I would suggest moving higher up the chain. You may also need to contact a lawyer. Their 1st plan is always to place with family so I am not sure why you are having a problem :(
  Are you talking about that claim for ONE Waldorf school? The teachers here have never been accused of cheating. My point was is that of course Waldorf kids would score lower on tests that are set up to test you strictly on what you have been taught to get the best grade on that test.   Also you do realize that one could also pull hundreds if not thousands of people praising Waldorf and make a blog about that right? Just because you made a site copy and pasting quotes...
I suggest you pull up some Az public school test scores then. Desert Marigold received a B rating from the state. Which is FAR better then a lot of the public school received. Our education system here is at crisis level. Having a "B" rating is a very good thing
Oh how nice. You made another user name to look like you have someone backing you up :)  Every single one of your posts made on this site are tied to Waldorf and your distain for it. I am not sure where your anger and hatred comes from but it is honestly really sad. Waldorf may not be for everyone, but that is the awesome thing about being a parent. We get to decide what is right for OUR children. And you can go into ANY school in America and poll parents and students...
Not to mention I think it is VERY offensive to feel like we are "saving" a child. You do realize a lot of kids adopted through foster care do not feel that way right?
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