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Melisa who owns http://waldorfessentials.com/ lives in Utah and runs Waldorf meet ups :)
Just a FYI Melisa @ http://waldorfessentials.com/ has a son on the spectrum. She can answer this question VERY well. I have 3 kids on the spectrum all thrive with a waldorf education. Before we decided to go that route my husband and I toured the local Waldorf school. I did that because my DH has aspergers and I wanted to know his feelings. He said he wished he would have went to school there. He loved how calming it was.
I joined TFW and am in love with it. I havent even got to the kid stuff yet as the Mom stuff is so wonderful and just want I needed.
We have a Waldorf charter here. http://arizonawaldorf.org/DMS/   It is a bit of a drive for us, so we are Waldorf homeschoolers. BUT the school invites to particiapte in festivals and other things so I have been on campus quite a bit. It is a lovely place and seems very "pure" except the do have to follow the laws on state testing.
My oldest dd just moved into a new place by herself after spliting with her boyfriend. Her cat is now throwing up and seems really stressed out. Has anyone ever heard of anything like this?
My DH has aspergers. He was dx after our son was dx with autism at age 2. His whole life he had been told he had OCD, ADHD, ADD, Depression, etc. So finally when our son was dx they figured it out. All 3 of our bio kids are on the spectrum so it makes for some crazy days around here for me :)
I am on concerta and have been for years. I also have trouble falling asleep so I take melatonin for that.
Its ASD most likely. I have 3 kids on the spectrum and my Dh is also. ALL have sleep issues. It is very common with ASD. We ended up having to use meds because it never got better. Also behaviors are worse when kids (and adults LOL) are tired.
Mine said his 1st true word, well words right before his 4th birthday. I will never forget it, and typing it now, still brings tears to my eyes. It was the day before Easter and we were having new carpet put in. All the furniture was in the driveway, and Corey loved to be rocked. Having such a disruption at our home was REALLY hard on him. So I sat with him in the rocking chair in the yard and sang to him. When I started singing "twinkle twinkle" he started to sing...
Nope :) Our 5th child was dx 1st when he was 22 months with autism, then his older sister (by 15 months) was dx with aspergers about 2 years later. We got pregnant with our 6th knowing fully well the child may be on the spectrum. (She is). We have since adopted 3 more kiddos ( with different issues of their own) through foster care.   My Dh is dx with Aspergers, although his psych says that had she seen him as a child she would have given him an autism...
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