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Hello! I haven't been on MDC since Sept. I came across an article while I was searching for something and then remembered the community section here! I thought I'd stop by, see what was going on.
Quote: Originally Posted by lness Is this a problem for big babies? Our carseat (a convertible, we skipped the infant-bucket kind) says "rear-facing to 20 pounds" on its guide. But DD's not even 6 months yet and already 22! She has more than an inch left above her head, so it's just the weight....The total limit for the seat is 50 lbs so that's fine but it implies I should have turned her around by now - which I don't want to do and I don't think she's...
Quote: Originally Posted by annekevdbroek I usually don't post here - occasionally cruise by. ................. Sounds like a typical deployment scenario I'm sorry you are having so much to deal with all at the same time.
Quote: Originally Posted by CTH3989 Just popping in to say hello! I'm Chelci, 20, married to a Marine. We have 2 children and live in Hawaii. Welcome! I am Angela, Army wife and we just moved to Yakima, Wa. We've been really busy unpacking and getting ready for school, etc.. Oh yeah, and that "moving to a new place cold" that's running through the family.
I did join the yahoogroup while I was in Fl but I don't think I have changed my email address on my groups yet. I would be happy to meet with you all!
Quote: Originally Posted by EdnaMarie LMAO- Yakima, cold? Welcome to Washington. It's been a bit colder than usual here, but wait 'til it snows. Gosh I hope we get to stay, we all could meet up. Thanks When DH was in the Navy, Everett was his first duty station. It only snowed a few times but it got cold. I think anything North of Florida would be cold right now to me though LOL
Stopping in to say hi. I've only posted here a few times but we recently made our move from (Eglin AFB) Florida to (Yakima Training Center) Washington. We got our household goods delivered on Thursday so we're busy unpacking and learning the area. I have to say, it's :, really it's about 75* but when the wind blows, I get chills. I need to get used to the cooler weather again!
I thought I would post and say... I am in Yakima!
Quote: Hi ladies! does anyone know anything about Army Warrior Training? I know that it is a 4 week alternitive to BCT for those re-entering the Army. What will our communication level be? Is it as limited as BCT? Will he have a graduation? Thanks! Thsi was on the last thread but I wanted to reply. The course is actually the Warrior Transition Course (WTC) so you will find a lot more information on it but searching that way. The best advice I...
For those of you that need sealed snacks, most stores I have seen sell sealed packs of fruit. I have seen apple slices, spples with carmel, apples and grapes, mandarin orange cups, celery & PB, and baby carrots & ranch. It's worth a look in produce at your local store if you want something healthy to share but still sealed.
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