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Waiting, i am 5'5" but have a really short torso. I feel like my showing is a fat pad on my belly, not baby. I have a small bulge that only i can see right above my pibic bone as of monday. Im at 8 wks.
Waiting- i had no problem going back to vegan. I dont particularly like meat anyway and have various reasons why i eat vegan. We only buy meat where we know personally how the animal was treated, fed, and then processed. My degree is in nutrition and dietetics so i know too much about conventional food systems especially meat. It is worth the extra cost to me but still weird to want to eat meat.
I am so sorry. Holding out hope that next week you see one. Hugs mama
So, again not trying to ostracize the first timers but I am pg with my third and I feel like I am showing way faster than with my other two.  With DS I didn't start really showing until after 18 weeks and with DD it was around 16-18 weeks. Um I know my abs are not what they were but it feels like I am showing way earlier now. I am at 8 weeks today?
Wohoo! Yay!
So sorry mama. Many hugs to you
I need to add the caveat, celebrating is different than giving presents. Lots of people have feelings around presents (not me) but celebrating is good.
I would do it. I am planning on having a mother's blessing for our third and a shower if my mom or mil insist. If anything, i think it is great to get together and celebrate a new life, no less worth celebrating than the first two
Ok i just want chicken, eggs, cheese and green apples. Of note bc i ate primarily vegan since dd was born and i did for 5+ years before i got pg with her. When pg with her, i just wanted bacon eggs cheese and apples. Whatever keeps me from throwing up, i dont care lol. Oh and anything remotely sweet makes me nauseated.
I didnt cry when i heard either of my kids heartbeats. Just listened. I also cried at dancing w the stars while pg. so, i think it just varies when you are emotional. I got a bit teary at our ultrasound but no crying like at commercials or tv shows. I didnt feel connected as much until i felt movement. That really helped.
New Posts  All Forums: