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I'd cut costs in other areas first. Bake my own bread, stop buying any convenience foods, cut out or down on cheese, etc. Quality of meat is the last thing I'd sacrifice in my food budget. We budget a meat portion all year and buy it buy the side in the fall. Much cheaper that way, IME.
Here it is http://www.foodrenegade.com/fresh-natural-healthy-lemonade/
There's a fermented lemonade recipe on the Food Renegade blog that uses whey. It's really yummy! I'll be back if I can find a link.
We give ~10% of our take-home to our church.
I don't know why it's helping him so much but as far as transporting it, I was once given the suggestion of passing it off as breast milk by freezing it in breast milk bags and carrying it on in a cooler. I didn't end up attempting it, though.
We've got 2.85 at the moment. It's a variable rate.
The angle adjuster works really well in the 5 (even lets you put a RFing Radian in the third row!).  I'd go that route just because I don't care for the Scenera at all.  If you don't mind it, your current set up is fine.
I don't like it when it's under $1000, but sometimes it dips down to $300-$400 if there's a large expense one month.
Yes. I live in Riverview.
The Ergo is my DH's fav but he'll wear anything really.
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