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That is wonderful, Queen!! He sounds like an amazing young man.
Hope everyone is having/had an amazing weekend. Af arrived today with little warning and it sucks. Hope to have most of the cramping under control by Sunday. Tattoo is starting to peel and feels like dry leather. Hurts when I brush it against something or ds pokes it. Can't wait to see it when it's healed. Week plans?
I wish. There are no shops that participate around me.
Here it is. Only 3 hours old.
Only exciting is finally getting my tattoo tomorrow. 5th one but first professionally done. Dh surgery monday. Who's next?
There's a midwife in Cumberland, Md. She works with Dr. Wolford. I can get you a phone number if you want. They may be able to help you.
Hi! I don't have any resource help but, maybe, bring him to Mothering and let him read posts in this forum?   Good luck!
I'm sorry you and your little guy had to go through that. It is terrible what some adult think/say about our kiddos. I'm glad you have him in a great preschool now!   I'd look into whether the same people work both areas. Also, you could just take him to the building and see how he reacts? If he's okay then take him inside and see how it goes. Even though he's better now people will remember and might expect him to be the same way he was and treat him the same.   Is it...
I'm glad she was able to put your mind at ease.
Good luck! Far as I know you can use the oral tablet vaginally. If you're not comfortable with it then wait to see what happens with the pharmacist tomorrow.
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