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He's so gorgeous, Shell. Get some rest.
Huge hugs mares.
Wengrin - I didn't have betas done when I was pg with ds. Very rarely will I even bother with them, though. Mare - re the Tylenol/adhd thing is bogus. Took nothing with ds cept my vitamins and baby aspirin and he has severe adhd and super mild autism.
Shell - I agree with Sherry. Get as mch rest as you can. Can't wait to meet Aiden.
Oh mares. You and your family are in my thoughts. Hugs.
Massive hugs Addie. I'm so sorry.
Woohoo wengrin!!! That is a super positive. Sorry about your traveling companion. It does sound like she has some problems with hotel sleeping. Glad you now have a couple months break from cheer. Hope y'all are feeling better!
Hi all. How is everyone? !
I'mm so sorry Chuord
Congrats to you and wendy!
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