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Hi all. How is everyone? !
I'mm so sorry Chuord
Congrats to you and wendy!
Welcome Tracy. I pop in the saner tcc thread more then here. A lot of us regulars have moved on in one way or other.
Oxford - How long are you gonna hold out until you test? Best of luck!!
Chuord - come on follies!! Thinking of you tomorrow. Wengrin - my minion is a lefty. Happily the school never tried to "fix" it and he does well with it. I'm a righty and so is dh. But most of my in-laws are ambidextrous. MamaBlue - awesomesauce for no cancer. Im missing people and im sorry. Afm - nada special going on. Superbowl tomorrow which I wont watch but dh will. Minion gets dental surgery Thursday. Yerp. Boring all around here and it's niiiice.
Thank you for letting me know what's going on!
Hi ladies! Lovely to see wonderful news and great discussions going on. Enjoy reading along and rooting for you guys!   We are having the ice cold, single digit weather here. No school today because of the cold and 2 hour delay tomorrow. Thankfully used to goofy winter weather but this has been the coldest in such a long time!   Hope everyone stays warm or cool depending on where you are.
Wengrin - Happy birthday!! Your dinner looked wonderful and yummy. Sometimes I spot before af but I don't count it. My niece is 14 and has bi-polar and who knows what else. Her mom has schizophrenia, paranoid delusions, bi-polar, etc. My brother is a single father and has had a hell of a time getting any kind of help. She was diagnosed first as a mood disorder. Medical around here sucks. His thing, though, is he doesn't push for help for her.
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