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How is everyone today? Its getting colder here and snow in forecast for tomorrow. Somewhere from 3-6 inches.
Hugs Oxford
Love the necklace!
Chuord - we know good comes with bad. We've all been through so much and we rejoice each other and we support and feel with each other. It's what makes us such a strong sisterhood. No matter what you're feeling you can tell us. Who better would understand?
Primal - I feel like that too. He's in therapy to help us help him cope and move through life. His diagnosis is pdd-nos and severe adhd.
Hi Sherry. How are you?
Wengrin - ds is on low dose adhd meds. It was a rough choice to make. Glad your dd has a wonderful passionate outlet! Oxford - hugs. Chuord - how are you today? Faith - hope there's no lead anywhere!
Congratulations adie!!!!!!
How is everyone today?
Hello baby primal! Chuord - progesterone seems great to me. I'm with you on knowing this soul is yours.
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