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Congratulations adie!!!!!!
How is everyone today?
Hello baby primal! Chuord - progesterone seems great to me. I'm with you on knowing this soul is yours.
Oxford - not over til it's over. Fingers crossed. Chuord - Hugs dear. When will you get a 3rd beta? If the worse happens at least you now know it'll happen again!! Obviously hope like hell it works now.
Mares - that place sounded creepy. Definitely wouldn't want old people living in the back yard. Chuord - updates? Hope the progesterone isn't needed but glad its there if it is. Welcome Yammas! Update Oxford?
My moms cat would run away and hiss when I was pg. Lol it was always my first "symptom".
When is your next beta, Chuord? Don't stress over the color of line.
Just use the pregnancy brain excuse. Lol I'm with oxford, they can't keep it secret say bye bye.
I am overjoyed, over the moon, deliriously, super duper there-are-no-words happy for you and dh. I kept checking the other thread for an update. Huge, massive, major hugs my friend! Squeeze dh for me.
Yay yay yay chuord!!!!!!!
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