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How much did you get done? I'm a procrastinator.
Chuord - no tossing before time limit is up!! Best of luck my friend.
I f'ed up. Supposed to be Fahrenheit but I spaced and put Celsius.
Hello Chuord my dear! I've been keeping up with you. Glad your dad is home recovering and I hope he gets great news! Yay for dh working! Weather had been cold but now there's a heatwave at 32 degrees Celsius. I believe I'm really heading down menopause lane. Cycle before last lasted 2 weeks longer and last cycle came almost 2 weeks early. Very emotional and hot flashes rock this time of year. Lol
Big Macs are yummy. lol I like the double quarter pounder.   Shell - not much longer now! Adie - thinking of you!   Hi ladies!!
Hi ladies! Just popping in to let you all know that I'm still alive and kicking and reading along with you guys. All my thoughts are with each of you!!
It's now the day after Christmas and I hope it finds you ladies doing much better. The holidays always sucked for me more so because we have nieces and nephews to buy for and it was hard to be happy when I am surrounded by what I couldn't have.
Hello to the newkins! May your journey be short and positive. Congrats to the preggies!! Hugs for the losses. Fingers crossed for all the new appointments and exciting starts. Thinking of you all and reading along. Waiting to see the happy end of your journeys. Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas!!
Got confused but found my way here. Lol
I'm so sorry wengrin. Many hugs and healing.
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