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I'm liking it so far, even with my questions and concerns. I insert it with the punch down fold and it goes in easier than a tampon ever did! I insert it so the tip is even with the opening like it says. It feels a bit uncomfortable because I can feel its presence. Then I sit down and feel the whole thing slide up! However, when its farther up, I can't feel it near as much and it is MUCH comfortable. I have a pantiliner on and get very very little 'drips' of dried blood,...
I have a boy born 9/08 also. He says "mama" and that's about it. He does try to imitate "yum" as "mm". He does babble quite a bit. Your little guy sounds normal to me! We have other kids around DS' age at church who are running and doing things I haven't noticed my DS do. So I understand that you feel worried. I have been there!
What are your favorite online diaper stores that have good discounts, great CS? The only 2 online shops I've used are: www.momsmilkboutique.com and www.diapershops.com / www.kellyscloset.com Any other great stores out there that are trustworthy?
Katie, Great information!! I tested this and I am neutral -- so I guessed pretty well for myself
Quote: Originally Posted by swd12422 I suggested Everyday Minerals too, b/c that's what I've been using. However, I haven't ordered in over a year (don't use makeup every day anymore) and didn't know about the changes MK describes. For kicks, I checked out KT Naturals, and have to say, the prices look good, the products look good, and I was SO EXCITED to see you can order a refill in a baggie instead of wasting a plastic jar every time you run out!...
I used to use BareMinerals until I was tired of scraping up money to order it off eBay or somewhere else. The prices were scary. Then, I used a Walmart brand and obviously that really sucked, too! Now I am happily wearing all natural affordable makeup. I am really amazed that this (KT Naturals) makeup covers so well. I literally think "wow!" when I look in the mirror in different lights and see how airbrushed my face looks. :
Hi ladies I am the new owner of KT Naturals (as mentioned above). We have 25 foundation shades that are made with all natural ingredients (no chemicals, preservatives such as parabens, perfumes, FD&C dyes, bismuth oxychloride, talc, ferric ferrocyanide, carmine, or organic materials that can spoil, no micronized minerals). Our prices are very affordable. Let me know if any of you need help finding a foundation match or questions on mineral makeup. I'd love to...
Is this just normal behavior? It sounds like it. I only have a 10 month old so I can't say for sure, but he is starting to get like that.
I am so very sorry
Yes! After 2 weeks, DS hated it. He also hated pacifiers, which I am happy about. I see 2+ year olds with pacis and I think that is insane. Anyway, my DS slept whis his arms up above his head, so he hated swaddling!
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