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I was also going to mention Pippi Longstocking! I like Malcolm too. Like eilonwy said, he's a believable character. He has normal boyhood stresses and behaviors, is sometimes overwhelmed by his own genius, struggles to get by in a chaotic (but pretty typical) family, etc.
I was also thinking possibly dysthymia (very mild, almost-all-the-time depression) and anxiety. Nothing you described seems even close to "abnormal" - those kinds of symptoms, esp. for mothers are pretty common. And seeking help when you sense that something's not quite right certainly doesn't make you unfit. I hope the counseling helps! And like mom0810 said, they will have to put some kind of diagnosis down on paper to show the insurance company that they are...
Has a doctor said that she shouldn't sleep that way because of a medical issue? I don't know how it could hurt her heart or lungs.
Check out www.sengifted.org , there are some good articles there about depression and anxiety in gifted people.
I agree with Roar. Even if you're not having her perform, (Show Grandma how well you know your letters!) kids can pick up on subtle - even unintentional - cues that may lead them to believe that their intellectual ability is what they are most valued for. (NOT saying that this is true for you and your dd). Mere ability is one thing, but take into consideration a child's motivation, interest, audience, sense of accomplishment (does this task mean anything to me right...
My dd's name is Taryn.
He is gorgeous!! I'd go with Murphy!
My daughter is almost 6, and we're actually spending more and more time with her at night lately, because she's struggling with anxiety and some OCD-like stuff. Up until a few months ago, we would lay down with her, read books and cuddle, then say goodnight and leave the room while she was still (mostly) awake. Recently her anxiety and "what-if" thinking has gotten worse, and she told me that even on those dayS when we would let her fall asleep on her own, she...
spinal tap Homemade popsicles for toddler :Puke
Low blood pressure Headstands now...
New Posts  All Forums: