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My daughter hummed while she nursed sometimes. I think some babies just like the way it feels. The same way vocalizing feels good in some situations for adults too.
a tick on my little girl Potential future love interest?
I grew up in Windsor, which is right between the Enfield and Hartford. It's a great town with good schools (if that's what you'll need). There's no real "bad" area of Windsor, as far as I know. I went to preschool at the Wilson Congregation Church, and went through Windsor public schools, which are very good. Suffield is also really nice, but very expensive.
I didn't buy "all" the copies of either book. I don't have that kind of time. Just 3 of one, and 1 of the other. I could have bought up the "What to Expect" books also, but my disdain for them is not as extreme. I don't think they are dangerous in the same way that the Ezzo & Dobson books are. My thinking was that - because they were at a thrift store for $1 - they would more likely be bought by someone who wasn't sure what they were getting. ("Hey, cheap...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie ...and book birdhouses fall on the moral spectrum. They used "To Kill a Mockingbird"!
Is it not my free will to buy something and do with it what I choose?
Quote: Originally Posted by alwayshappy Its their free will to read what they want and parent as they want - as you do. I magine If I came to your house and removed all pucblications relating to parenting methods you use to "save you from reading or follwing those techniques" as I didnt believe in them. Well if you were to come into my house and remove things that belong to me...? I'm pretty sure that's a felony. What I did was buy some...
MomTwice and sapphire - you get where I'm coming from. I'm extremely anti-censorship. But I'm not travelling the country pulling these books out of retail stores. I pulled FOUR books of the shelves in a thrift store. I know how impressionable new moms can be, and some new parents will grab up any parenting book that looks like it might have something to offer, especially if it's only $1 at a thrift store. Maybe what I did was childish or borders on censorship, but...
.... so no one else would. Actually, there were THREE copies of Baby Wise along with the Dobson book at the thrift store. I'm torn about what to do with them now, but I feel as though maybe I stopped 3 new moms from reading - and following - their "techniques".
We all know that depression and anxiety are common among gifted kids, but I'm curious now how many of us here have kids that are actually getting treatment for mental health issues? I know it might be a touchy subject for some but dd (almost 6) is showing more and more signs of depression and anxiety and I'd love to hear what others have dealt with in terms of symptoms, behaviors, etc. and what tools people are using (specific exercises at home, counseling, meds,...
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