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Quote: Originally Posted by Smokering Or "Some poisoning of the dog did occur".
Do they immediately get a message say, "Sorry, but Joe Schmoe is no longer your friend"? Or do they not even know until they try to view your page?
Not sure if it's already been mentioned, but hearing or seeing the word "supposably" makes me twitch. There is no such word. It's supposedly. There is also no "allegably" - it's allegedly.
For those who cover with wigs.... Let's Talk About "Discreet" and Lactivism
I've been given an incredible gift smoking pot while pregnant.. is it safe?
My 5.5 yr. old really wants to see it, but www.commonsensemedia.org describes it as pretty dark and eerie. We're pretty lax about letting her see movies or shows that she's curious about, but I certainly don't want her to have nightmares from it. Have any of you brought younger children to see it? Like younger than 7?
Quote: Originally Posted by Aubergine68 Do you have a Z-day plan? Tips to prevent raising a "cannibal baby"?
I have until Thurs to have this baby out. This week's challenge
So what do you do if you're poor? Cervical Checks
How do you know it's time for therapy? When your child had chicken pox...
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