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Help! How to live on $500,000 a year? Is this a reasonable salary for a sitter/nanny?
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla problem with my chickpeas Institutional Sexism How DARE you call them "chick" peas! They're Garbanzo Beans!!! That's great!
Wow!! Thank you for my DDDDC - whoever you are!! Still no definite date for my surgery. And no new job for dh.
Are your nipples still sore to the touch? leaving them alone for a few minutes
And I found out last night that I will need another heart operation. (My 10th.) :
I'm in! Anyone brave enough to post pictures?
Procrastination to the extreme "Late?" How much?
Quote: Originally Posted by MusicianDad EXQQQQME
I'm assuming that you don't share the same birth year as General MacArthur! Happy Birthday!!
I'm quickly becoming a fan of Malcolm Gladwell!
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