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My dress was "candle light" because pure white washes me out. But the bride should feel like she can where whatever she wants.
Things to do with a 5 and 6 year old? Thwack thwack!
Quote: Originally Posted by hipumpkins my kids were laughing loudly in the frozen food section b/c they thought it was funny to lean on the door and slide down and hit the floor with flump! Sounds like fun to me! Great come back! Quote: Originally Posted by Seasons ...She said, "You know, kids NEED a DAD." I said, "Mary's kid did okay without a dad. You know, Jesus?" I'm not Christian at all but i figured she might...
Do people really need to talk about my butt? Is this wanting to be "too involved" with DS's school?
So I have my first-ever driving lesson today... Oh OOPS. A great big oops on my part.
I'm so sorry... I haven't been on MDC much and just saw this.
Quote: Originally Posted by Ruthla I hope things look up for you soon. Ok, I don't have any dairy ice cream, but I have raspberry sorbet, mango sorbet, chocolate soy ice cream, a soy dark cherry/vanilla chocolate chip combo,coconut milk ice cream chocolate flavor and coconut milk ice cream coconut flavor, with coconut chips added. Which flavor would you like? All of them? Let me get out the BIG bowl for...
I need hugs, happy thoughts, positive vibes, etc. I was already having those "one thing after another" months, and last night my husband was laid off. Anyone want to share some ice cream and cry with me? ETA - more bad news in post #27.
Quote: Originally Posted by laohaire Then you ask yourself, have I made an effort on my finances today? Have I improved the way I approach them? Because you won't - I hope! - pay a bill every day, but all the same you can still work on your finances every day by shopping frugally, meal planning, reviewing your bills (even if you don't find any that need to be paid yet, but reviewing is still important to make sure you're up to date) etc. That...
How do I change my name on facebook? I didn't include my maiden name, but now I want to add it so people I knew "pre-marriage" will be able to find me. Also, what does "poke" mean on facebook?
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